Conservative care

We try to maintain the original permanent denture as much as possible. We use modern non-toxic materials to fill the dental caries. In the case of the advanced stage of tooth decay we try to reconstruct the original tooth and treat it with so-called endodontic treatment. In our surgery we use modern methods of dental canal treatment with the Reciproc instrument.

Prices of conservative care
Filling with photocomposits approx. 1.200, - to 2.000, - CZK
Glass ionomer fill approx. 700, - to 1,500, - CZK
The price of kofferdam is added to the fillings of approx. 200, - CZK

Endodontic treatment (treatment of root canal infection)
Start of treatment approx. 2,000, - (according to caries)
Visits during therapy about 900, - CZK
Last visit, final rooting, according to the number of channels from 1240, - to 3.000, - CZK,
Postendodontic treatment FRC pins approx. 1.150, - CZK