I want to make an appointment

use virtual nurse Emmy

Please continue to use Emmy's virtual nurse (www.sestraemmy.cz) to contact the surgery. Emmy will ensure the safe and convenient delivery of your request to the surgery in a form that will speed up its processing. At the same time, Emmy allows you to arrange a date for a possible visit to the surgery quickly and without the need to call or email. Do not use an email to contact us any more.

Therefore, we invite you to create access to Emmy here (www.sestraemmy.cz) and try this new, convenient way of communication with our clinic!

Those of you who already have access to Emmy in another clinic do not have to create a new approach, but it is enough if they only change to our dental surgery as "Ridet surgery - Prague Chodov".

The Emmy system is used for secure communication between patients and doctors and was developed by a group of Czech doctors. We are glad that we can also offer it to our patients and thus improve the availability of our care.