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MUDr. Jana Sobotková

stomatologist, not working now

Charles University in Hradec Králové, branch of dentistry, graduate 2003

Professional experience and Courses:

Fixed Prosthetics, MUDr. Pavel Brandejs
Weekend of practical endodontics, MUDr. Kašťáková
Surgery in Outpatient Practice, MUDr. V. Ščigel, PhD.
Amalgam and glass ionomeric cements, MUDr. Zbynek Mach
Patient Communication, Ethics, Pediatology, Doc. MUDr. V. Hubková
European Lecture Tour Dr. Fischera
Prevention of Periodontal Diseases and Basics of Periodontology, MUDr. L. Korábek
Filling in dental stomatology, treatment of frontal dentition, aesthetics, MUDr. L. Peřinka
Emergency treatment at the dentist's office, MUDr. V. Tuzar
Removable prostheses, removable prosthetic materials, MUDr. P. Brandejs
Prosthodontics, postendontic treatment, MUDr. P. Brandejs
Hygienic regulations in dental practice, Doc. MUDr. E. Gojišová
Radiation Protection in Dentistry, O. Vojtíšek
Prague Dental Days Congress 2006
Prague Dental Days Congress 2010
Modern endodontics from A to Z, MUDr. J. Nožička
Dental Summit Prague 2011
New trends in endodontics, single-instrument endodontics, newtron technology, MUDr. J. Nožička
Inhalation analgesic in our surgeries, Henry Schein
Efficiency and Profit in Dentistry, Sheila Scott, Ing. T. Košumberský
Art and science in dentistry, MUDr. P. Hajný, MUDr. M. Tomeček, MUDr. D. Ott
Adhesive bonding MUDr. Jan Baštecký
Current trends in endodontics MUDr. Hana Zallman
3D navigated implantology MUDr. Roman Tichý
Rules of dental hygiene before implantation MUDr. Roman Tichý, Dis. M. Müller
Wax-up, Mock-up MUDr. Lukáš Cupal
Green Cross - Children's Smile MUDr. Hana Zallman

Hobbies: Family, Christian pastoral work, playing musical instruments, singing, drawing, dancing, reading, dogs and cats


Irada Richtrova


Graduated at Azerbaian medical university at 2011. Aprobation as a dentist in Czech republic  at  2015. In our team since February 2019.