Our services

Preventive check up

Preventive check ups are covered from czech health insurance every 6 months. We recommend regular dental check ups every 6 months, and we will regularely invite you for these check ups.

Dental hygiene

Regular dental hygiene can prevent the spread of dental plaque and tartar formation and thus the development of dental caries and the development of paradontosis. Dental hygiene is recommended at least twice a year. Our dental hygienist will help you to locate your difficult spots and to improve your cleaning technique to prevent development of caries.

Acute problem

We strongly do not recommend treating painful conditions just with pain medications. Pain relief does not mean that the problem no longer exists. Sometimes this can mean a significant deterioration. Therefore, it is advisable to contact our surgery immediately and to consult the problem. We will try our best to get you in quickly.

Painless treatment

It is a standard to use anesthetics in our office. There is no reason for you to suffer during the treatment. The application of anesthesia is covered by the Czech health insurance companies.

Conservative care

We try to maintain the original permanent denture as much as possible. We use modern non-toxic materials to fill the dental caries. In the case of the advanced stage of tooth decay we try to reconstruct the original tooth and treat it with so-called endodontic treatment. In our surgery we use modern methods of dental canal treatment with the Reciproc instrument.


Prosthetic work helps to restore your smile when your natural teeth is already destroyed.

Teeth whitening

We recommend so-called home bleaching, which is very gentle and safe. We're working with a proven Opalescence system. This method brings very good results.